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Why Choose All in the Details Handyman Service?

Residential Home Maintenance Contractor

Handyman service in Vancouver WAWe are a licensed General Contractor with over 35 years in residential maintenance and repair. We serve clients throughout Clark County and offer free quotes for small or large home improvement projects. For a simple handrail installation to a large, backyard custom built deck- we can help you out!

All in the Details Handyman Service was so named because it best conveys how our work is done. Attention to all the details from bginning to end is what seperates us from the competition. Every project we do is carefully planned and executed, with all the details being checked twice. It is our calling card and it shows in every project we do.

Whether you need a simple front porch upgrade with a few steps, or a full backyard deck for entertaining guests- we have the experience to get the job done with precision and expedience. 

Click here to learn more about our deck contractor services.

Fences are great for keeping things in, or out, of your yard, or simple to add curb appeal. We specialize in wood fences of all heights and styles. From a standard height privacy fence, to various types of picket fences. 

Feel free to click here to learn more about our fence contractor services.

Are you looking to refresh the floors in your home? Our engineered flooring services will breath new life into your home. Our work is precise and we move fast.

If you’re a homeowner or contractor looking to have new flooring installed, feel free to click here to learn more.

With years of experience installing new doors and in windows for homeowners in Vancouver, you can rest assured that our work will stand the test of the elements, and time. 

Installing new windows can be a great upgrade for the look of your home, but also your energy bill. Homeowners can usually expect between a 70-80% ROI when installing new windows. Call today to get a free estimate.

Looking to refresh a room in your house? Maybe you’re finally ready to redecorate your living room, but don’t feel like painting it yourself. 

Our team will make short work of any painting project you need completed. We offer precise home painting services to homeowners in Vancouver. Chat with us on the phone today and get a free estimate.

Are you shopping for new appliances for your home? Let us install your refrigerator or washing machine today. We offer quick and clean appliance installation services to residents in Vancouver, WA – call us today!

Are you looking to give a room or area of your home a complete overhaul? Maybe you need to finish your basement, or update your kitchen? Call us today to learn if we’re a good fit for you!

Have us perform yearly maintenance on your gutters and roofs. We will safely remove moss on your roof without causing damage. 

Does your home need general maintenance, but you don’t know where to start? Give us your list instead and watch us take care of all your minor home repairs for you. 

Give your wooden fence, deck, driveway, or home exterior a new lease on life. Pressure washing these aspects of your home and prolong their lives, and look better too! Call today to get scheduled before the busy season.

Did you buy a kids’ playground set or IKEA dresser, and just don’t feel like putting it together? Call us and watch us make short work of your assembly project.

Do you need pictures hung? Handrail installed? Garden beds built? Anything on your “honey do” list is best left for a handyman to do- enjoy your free time and let us take care of it for you!

Call us today for a FREE estimate.

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Residential Home Repair Services

Why Choose A Handyman For Your Project?

Small Home Project Contractor

When planning a home improvement project, homeowners usually begin by deciding to DIY, or hire a contracting company- depending on the job. But there is a third option that many people may not consider- a handyman. Hiring a smaller contractor for your project has many advantages over a larger company, advantages that can leave you feeling more confident in the work, and in the price.