Door & Window Installation

Residential Deck Handyman in Vancouver WA

Door And Window Handyman

Installing new windows or exterior doors is one of those jobs that needs to be completed correctly. Homeowners with no experience with these types of jobs risk introducing moisture or pests into the walls and insulation of your home if done incorrectly. We have over 35 years of experience installing new windows and doors (indoor and exterior) for homeowners and property managers in Vancouver and can help guide you through your project.

Sliding Glass Door Installation

Is your sliding glass door leaking moisture or cold air into your house? We have over 35 years of experience removing old, loose sliding glass doors and installing more energy efficient replacements. Replacing these large entryways can have a positive effect on your power bill, and your wallet if there are rebates offered from your local power provider.

Window Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Getting new windows installed can be hard to wrap your head around logistics-wise, as the project seems pretty invasive and time sensitive. Below, we’ve outlined and answered a handful of questions to help guide your decision making.
  • When is the best time to replace old windows?
    New windows can be replaced anytime of year with the right measures in place. Caulk cures best in warmer temperatures, so it follows that spring or summer would be the nest in the pacific northwest, also when considering rainy weather.
  • How long do windows take to be installed?
    A single window can be installed in a day in most cases, depending on location and size.
  • How do I prepare for having a window installed?
    You need to remove any blinds/curtains the window be adorned with. Also, move furniture or any other household items that are near the window. We will provide our own drop clothes to protect your floor.
  • Are new windows installed from the inside or outside?
    Most windows can be installed from the outside if necessary, but there are times when we’ll need interior access.
  • Can I install the window myself?
    It may seem straightforward, even for the seasoned DIYer, but window installation is something you can’t afford to not get right the first time. Your new window needs to be level, square, and weatherproof. This is one of those projects best left to a licensed professional.