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Fence & Deck Maintenance

Winter in the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, WA can wreak havoc on wooden decks and fences in the area. Rain, debris from nearby trees and plants, heating/cooling cycles, etc, can make short work of your outdoor, wooden structures, if not properly maintained. Keep reading to learn some tips on maintaining these structures to ensure they last as long as possible.

Steps to Lengthen the Life Of your Deck and Fence

  • Regular Inspections

    Most homeowners likely already do this, but just keeping an eye on these structures can save you money. If you see a rotted fence post or deck support post, make a plan to replace it before it skews and stresses the surrounding structure. Knowing is half the battle!

  • Replace Broken Decking or Fence Boards

    Ever heard of the broken window theory? A little psychology here: Not replacing cracked deck boards or fence boards not only leaves your property in disrepair, but also increases the chances of you not repairing a subsequent busted board. Repair things as they break, and your structure will maintain longer .

  • Seasonal Cleaning

    Who doesn't like pressure washing? Deep cleaning your deck and fences not only makes them look ready for the warm season, but will prolong their lives as well. There are also plenty of products on the market to loosen up algae and dirt as a pre-pressure washing step. If you don't have a pressure washer, spraying down a pre-wash and then using a scrub pad can get you there, as well.

  • Reapply Deck Stain or Protectant

    After pressure washing, re applying your wooden deck’s sealer or stain can greatly not only refresh the look of your deck, but greatly lengthen its life. Pressure wash your deck first, scrape any old, loose, sealing material, sand if necessary, and apply new stain or sealant in broad, even strokes.

  • Tighten Loose Fasteners

    Sometimes you can prevent damage by seeking out and tightening loose screws before they cause a cascading effect, causing more damage. Grab your power drill and appropriate drill bit. Walk around your structure with a critical eye, looking for loosened fasteners and tighten them down. This prevention of looseness/movement helps to maintain structural integrity

Additional Deck Maintenance Tips

  • Keep things moving! Leaving furniture items, planters, etc., in the same position year after year on your deck can leave lasting stains that are hard to remove without sanding. So make sure you either deep cleaning your deck every year, or rearranging things every once in a while
  • Trim nearby plants and bushes, this will discourage mildew, algae, and moss from taking hold.
  • Avoid door mats, or other items made of natural materials that trap moisture to limit staining.
  • During the wet and cold months when your deck sees less use, remove as much furniture, or any items, as possible to limit staining.

Should you hire a professional to maintain your deck and fence?

A handyman service is a great way to have a professional assess your deck, without paying the fees associated with larger contractors. A handyman can look over your structure and make any repairs or implement maintenance measures that you may not have the time or tools for. All in the Details has over 35 years experience helping homeowners in Vancouver and Clark County lengthen the lives of their wooden decks and fences. Give us a call!