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Adding or replacing a fence on your property should not only provide separation or privacy, but should also look good. These days, homeowners in Vancouver have many styles and materials to choose from. Whether you are trying to keep your dog in the yard, or are just wanting to add some architectural intrigue, All in the Details will help you decide which fence type and material is best for your project. We enjoy helping customers develop their vision with our expertise, all while trying to fit within their budget.

Wood Fences

Fences constructed mostly from wood are the most common. Depending on the design and length of your desired fenced area, wood fences are usually the most economical, as well. Other benefits of wood fences in include:
  • Numerous styles to choose from.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Paintable and stainable to match any surrounding structures if desired.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Weather resistant.
Wood fences, when built and cared for correctly, can last a very long time.

Why Type Of Wood Fence Do You Need?

As mentioned above, there are numerous styles and types of wood fences to choose from. Your decision will be based largely on what the main purpose of the fence will serve: privacy or more ornamental. Some of the more common types are listed in an effort to familiarize you with what some of your options are.
  • Dog Ear Privacy Fence

    This is a very common style, especially in the pacific northwest. This style is great for privacy and leans towards the less expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Alternating Wood Fence

    This style of full-height fence is also very common in the area. It features pickets that alternate which side of the rail they are affixed to. This style let’s air pass through easier, making it a possible option for homes in windy areas at high or low elevations.
  • Lattice Top Privacy Fence

    These fences offer a little more style than the previous two, and are a little more expensive. This style is one that will help your home stand out, and could be a good option if you plan on selling your home in the future.
  • Scalloped & Arched Privacy Fences

    These options offer some style at less than the cost of the lattice options above.
  • Picket Fence

    There are many different variations on the classic picket fence. Whether you have a design in mind, or are looking for guidance, we can help.

Fences Built To Last

With as many fences as we have built for homeowners in Vancouver over the years, it's no surprise that our fences are built to stand the elements and time. Hiring a handyman service for your fence project ensures attention is paid to the details and a more personalized experience over larger companies. Please give us a call today to ask about having your fence built by All in the Details.