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Laminate flooring is an economically priced product that can refresh any room. It’s quick, clean, and easy to install. We have 35 years of experience installing this product in homes across Clark County and Vancouver, WA, and in the process creating a reinvigorated living space for homeowners.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

This type of flooring was invented in 1977 as a way to utilize wood waste. They are made of a particle board base, followed by an “image” layer, and finally a clear protectant layer. Though once thought to be a cheap alternative, as the product has been developed more over time, laminate flooring can be found in newly built high end homes. Aspects like feel and design have been improved over the years, and as such, usage has risen.

Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

This style of flooring has become very popular as an alternative to legacy flooring types such as hardwood and carpet. There are numerous benefits beyond just the ease of installation that make laminate flooring a suitable alternative flooring type:

  • Highly durable
    These engineered floor panels are designed to withstand lots of abuse without it being visible.
  • Scratch resistant
    They are also designed to not show scuffs and scratches whereas hardwood may over time.
  • Hygienic
    They are very easy to clean and you don’t need to wax them or add a protectant layer as in hardwood.
  • Water resistant
    Traditional hardwood floors are more susceptible to standing water damage. Laminate flooring does not take water which will save you from having to repair large stains down the road.
  • They look great
    There are many different patterns, designs, and colors to choose from which helps to match any home's color scheme.

Get Your Laminate Flooring Questions Answered

All in the Details has the experience to answer your flooring questions with confidence. Whether you’re a new homeowner, looking to personalize your new home, or you are trying to sell your home, hiring a handyman service to take care of your project is a great investment. A handyman service is great for completing projects in a timely and professional manner, without having to deal with the back and forth of larger contractors. We offer a personal touch to our service that can make you feel at ease with your decision as your project will be in great hands. Call us today for more information!